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Kent is a very successful county when it comes to performance tennis and is supported by many  committed coaches and clubs running high quality coaching and competition programmes. 

LTA Supported Performance Clubs

Performance Pathway

Regional Player Development Centres (RPDCs) focus on players aged 11-14 to provide high-quality coaching environments which enable the best players to train regularly with each other. They nurture the best young players to establish a robust all court-game and prepare to successfully begin playing national and international competitions.

Kent has one RPDC and that is Bromley Tennis Centre

Local Player Development Centres (LPDCs) focus on players aged 7-10 who are developing a love for tennis and aspire to compete at county and regional levels. LPDCs offer a high quality, local daily training environment, which nurtures the development of young players

Kent has four LPDCs across the county and they are Bromley Tennis Centre, Canterbury, Parklangley and Sevenoaks

Further Information


KLT Online

Kent Tennis appoint Craig Allen as Lead County Coach

Craig's focus will be to manage the delivery of the County Training programme and junior County Cup teams that represent us in Summer 2021


Contact Craig on  

Craig talks to Chris Doerr - Pathway to American Uni

Chris is a former Kent County Junior who is now the assistant Mens Coach at Florida State - a top US tennis college. Chris talks about his journey to American university and the tennis player pathway in the USA

Its County Cup season, here is a snippet from the above interview about County Cup

Craig talks Performance with Simon Grieve - Full Interview

00.00 Intro of Craig and Simon

01.10 Introduction of Simon, synopsis of playing and coaching experience

03.30 Craig’s synopsis of playing and coaching experience

07.15 Pivotal people/moments in Simon’s career

14.30 Pivotal people/moments in Craig’s career

16.00 Advice for young performance coaches

17.30 Craig’s new role in Kent tennis – overview

20.15 Role and importance of county tennis

33.00 County cup team structure, and selection

41.10 Selection for county training

44.20 Importance of strong coach/ parent relationships

59.25 Young coaches – help/advice with relationship management/mentoring program

Its County Cup season, here is a snippet from the above interview about County Cup

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