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Volunteering in tennis is fun, rewarding and enables thousands of people to play tennis week-in, week-out. Whether or not you play tennis and regardless of how much time you can give, there are ways you can get involved, either at club or county level. With countless opportunities and thousands of people volunteering every year, why not join them and make a difference?

How to get involved in volunteering at a tennis club

If you’re already a member, the best way to start volunteering is to ask the secretary or other committee member how you can help out. Don’t be afraid to ask: it’s very likely that your club has many ways for you to get involved, but the roles are just not being advertised. And the opportunities can be very varied to suit your skills and availability, from lending a hand here and there, helping to look after the facilities, being a safeguarding officer to getting fully involved in the running of a club. 

If you’re not a member of a club, you can find your nearest tennis venue using our find a venue tool and get in touch with the person running it to see if you can help out. 

More info on Club Committees and Volunteers can be found on the LTA website 


How to get involved in volunteering for Kent Tennis 

We have over 30 volunteers on our Committees supporting county-wide activity such as inter-club leagues, disability tennis, county governance. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Kent Tennis Office Manager, Phil Lynch -

Find out more about the LTA Tennis Volunteers Community

There’s a Facebook group for volunteers which provides an informal and helpful online space for volunteers from all over the country to connect, start conversations, exchange ideas and find answers. More information can be found on the LTA website, link on box below.​

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