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Officially we are called ‘The Kent County Lawn Tennis Association’ (KCLTA) and we are a member the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the National Governing Body for tennis.  We use the brand ‘Kent Tennis’ as a more user-friendly name.  All tennis venues, clubs and organisations in Kent are invited to be members of Kent Tennis and along with players, coaches and officials, are offered support in some way.

Here are just some of the things Kent Tennis do and are here to help you with:

Administering Association business, financial and

legal affairs.

Organising Kent representative teams and county training of all ages from 8 & Under to Over 80s

Organising school tennis competitions

Seeking and managing sponsors

Working with the LTA South East Team to support Kent venues, coaches and officials

Organising Kent Inter-Club Leagues and supporting District Inter-Club Leagues

Sharing news via a website, a digital newsletter called 'KLT Online' and social media channels

Managing the Kent

Supporters Club

Organising the Kent Annual Awards and making nominations the LTA Awards

Organising Annual County Championships for various age groups and abilities

Keeping records and producing an Annual Review and honours boards

Making nominations for Wimbledon Tickets as the LTA process request

Our values are:
We are innovative, involved, proud, open and fair,
and believe in accessible tennis for all.
Our overall aim is to sustain the
IDENTITY and SPIRIT of Kent Tennis through:
  1. Maintaining our reputation of being a top British tennis County for our achievements, forward thinking and being INNOVATIVE  

  2. Ensuring the management of Kent Tennis is integrated with both LTA staff and volunteers being fully INVOLVED in our efforts to achieve planned objectives and LTA priorities, and are recognised for good work

  3. Making Kent tennis people feel PROUD to be in Kent, team players showing loyalty and team spirit at every level of Inter-County team tennis, and players are duly recognised  

  4. Delivering communication which is OPEN and effective to, from and between all Kent Tennis people so that everyone is aware of developments, support and opportunities 

  5. Ensuring Kent investment (and LTA investment) in Places to Play and Performance is FAIR, purposeful and well considered, and results are monitored

  6. Maintaining a guiding belief that tennis is ACCESSIBLE for all and that Kent Tennis people are supported in their efforts to manage financially sustainable tennis venues, and able to promote tennis in their local area.

Wimbledon 2018
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