There are many ways you can be involved in Kent Tennis as an active volunteer or just by helping at events. You meet nice people and it’s fun.  

  • Join the Kent Council as a regular volunteer. Look out each year for the vacancies and the skills we need.  

  • Offer to help at Kent Tennis events such as the County Championships, disability competitions, our Kent Clubs Day.

  • Help with writing news articles or be a copy reader for our publications   

  • Send news about you or your club for our KLT online newsletter

  • Share your tennis news on social media, tag us in your photos and use #kenttennis on your posts 


If you would like to offer your help in any way please

send an email to

with your name, phone contact, location and interests.  

Kent Tennis Day Oakwood 20190921 - 011.J
Kent Tennis Day Oakwood 20190921 - 016.J

Photographs from the Kent Tennis Day at Oakwood Tennis Club

Kent Tennis Day Oakwood 20190921 - 007.J

Sadie Bristow was a talented, passionate and determined young girl who represented Kent and was ranked as the No1 under 9 player in the UK.  Sadie tragically died aged 9 as a result of an extreme allergic reaction.  Kent supports the Sadie Bristow Foundation set up in her memory.